Mystery Pack of 5 Maxaloones and 5 Hoodies

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Mystery Pack of 5 Maxaloones and Hoodie sets. A place for me to use my creativity or use up end of the bolt fabrics. ❤

All seams are serged, bum circles will be topstitched.  3 to 6 year will be without bum circles. 

These will likely be a mix of DBP and CL. No specific requests will be taken. All will be soft, stretchy tshirt fabrics. These will not be flawed or seconds quality.😊

Solid packs will likely have 2 solid colors in one set that go nicely together.❤ Think teal/gray, red/charcoal, etc. 

Printed packs will usually have printed legs with solid bands/bum for the pants, and hoodies will be print with solid accents also. 

 Pictures are to show some examples.